All Systems Operational

[resolved] Site down Jan 19 2022 8:55.55AM
Ven seem to have fix the issue, still some errors in console but ven isnt to worried that it will effect operations. As always we will continue to monitor for bugs and errors. If you run into a issue please use our support portal at
[resolved] Multi Server outage Dec 24 2021 6:30.43AM
Seems our servers came back online on their own. All back to normal.
[resolved] hardware upgrade Dec 21 2021 9:29.51AM
Main server is back online running 8 vCores at 2GHz. Thank you for your patience.
[resolved] Multi Server restart Dec 18 2021 10:58.42AM
all servers have been updated and restarted. all back to normal. ty for your patience.
[resolved] Bot offline Dec 07 2021 9:22.07AM
Bot is back online and all is working as it should be. Ty for your patience.
Bug Reports
P ID Type Summary Reporter Assigned To Status
low 1 BUG Just a test venkellie venkellie Closed