All Systems Operational

[resolved] in world bot Oct 19 2021 5:35.56PM
This incident has been resolved.
[resolved] Server OS upgrade Oct 15 2021 9:47.26AM
Everything appears to be back to normal. Ven is going to continue to monitor for errors but thinks everything is back to normal now.
[resolved] Devices not connecting Oct 01 2021 10:30.32AM
Ven is pleased with the results and have considered the issue resolved while the sims restart. Please continue to monitor Second Life's status page for updates on this issue.
[resolved] Second Life Inventory Issue Sep 23 2021 11:32.03AM
It appears the inventory issue is back to normal so we are resolving this issue. TY for your patience with us and LL.
[resolved] Site Rendering Issue Sep 08 2021 2:02.35PM
This incident has been resolved.
[resolved] Second Life connection issues Aug 31 2021 4:18.33PM
This incident has been resolved.
[resolved] global internet issue Aug 31 2021 2:14.05PM
This incident has been resolved.
[resolved] inworld Aug 24 2021 10:12.12AM
SL finish their maintenance on HTTP out, all systems back to normal
[resolved] GridHaul Pickup Issue Jul 23 2021 4:53.30PM
We have fixed the issue and fluffed the code enough for 2.0. Thank you for your patience.
[resolved] Main Server Upgrade Jul 07 2021 1:41.57PM
Server upgrade complete, all is back to normal.
[resolved] Test Incident Jul 07 2021 9:47.17AM
This incident has been resolved.